About Us

Birgit & Kathy

 Welcome to Sunna Ceramics, web home of Birgit Gagliardi and Kathy Fields. Our opening selection of one of a kind, hand built and decorated, ceramic work will be found throughout the Store. We hope you enjoy our selection and will want to have one or more for your own or for presents.

Much of our work have multiple uses from the purely sculptural to the obvious functional. Strong and highly adaptable to both inside or out, you will find our work admirably suited to creating and enhancing your outdoor arenas and specialized areas, such as watering tubes for plantings, bird houses to help encourage feathered gatherings and sculptural constructions to use instead of water-requiring plants.
Interior use items run the functional and sculptural range from handled cups and hand cups to large bakers, platters and vases as well as bowls of varying size. Additionally, sculptural items such as shell forms, tree designs and others have uses only limited by imagination. 
We change our forms and decoration, enjoying a process and then dreaming up the next.  Come back often to see how our new items hit that special spot for which you've been dreaming.
Kathy Fields
Birgit Gagliardi
Life is an adventure, to be traveled with and through. Working in clay has become a base of that adventure. The feel and malleability of this medium draws my involvement into the moment.
I’ve been working in clay for over 10 years, and more intensely since 2012. Through that time themes have been variety and color. I enjoy constructing one of a kind items, and am never sure what will emerge next.  
I fell in love with clay a number of years ago, specializing in hand building and construction projects. Working from my dining room table,  I frequently come up with new items, completely different from earlier work.  Delightful, with a touch of whimsy, whether you're looking at birdhouses or baby pumpkins, there will always be interesting work to consider.